Screenshot of Dungeonographer in use.

Screenshot of Dungeonographer in use.

Dungeonographer makes mapping a dungeon or building easy by re-using the same intuitive, highly praised user interface as Hexographer.

It has hundreds of built-in graphics for floor types, walls, doors, tokens, furniture, and other “dungeon dressing.”

A configurable random generator is also included!

Give the free version a try.  It is the same code, with just a few features turned off.  The pro version installs to your computer, but the free version requires you to launch it from the website.

The software is written in Java, so it (both the free and pro versions) runs on many different types of computers: Windows, MacOSX & Linux.

Multiple Views of One Map

This feature lets you toggle map views/skins: All the built-in graphics come in semi-realistic and line art versions.  The semi-realistic art can be printed as a 1″ battlemat; the line art version is best scaled down as a GM’s view of the area on one page. To use it, look for the radio buttons in the middle of the left sidebar.

Virtual Table-top Features

Dungeonographer can also serve as a poor-mans “Virtual Table Top” for live games or games played by message board.  Have the GM reveals rooms and move tokens, then upload the map graphic to a central Dungeonographer website.  The players refresh the website page in their browsers to see the updates.

For more, see the full list of features.